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Cleanser face wash has appeared in a large capacity. With a capacity of 250ml, this bottle is cheaper than two 100ml bottles. Please put it in the bathroom and use it.

A face wash that cleanses men's delicate skin invigoratingly while deeply moisturizing it.

General men's cleansers take too much sebum that is originally necessary because they give priority to refreshment, and as a result, sebum secretion is excessive and may cause odor.

A|O Cleanser uses three high-quality cleansing ingredients. Moisturizes and cleanses to reduce excessive sebum secretion.
In addition, since tea leaf extract with antioxidant effect is also blended, etiquette care for odors is also possible.

So that it can be used by businessmen who often go on business trips and for travel,
From the hair to the whole body, this one product has made it possible to cleanse everything.

★How to use


Please put a 10-yen coin in the palm of your hand as a guide.


Whip well with both hands


Wash the entire face and behind the ears without rubbing strongly (behind the ears is important for odor care)


Rinse thoroughly without rubbing

★ About the scent <br> No fragrance is used, and the essential oils of bergamot, lavender, and peppermint are blended for a refreshing scent.

★Environmental consideration・Because it is 93% biodegradable, there is little environmental impact when cleaning ingredients flow into the sea, and damage to the natural world is taken into consideration.

・Bagasse pulp is used for the package. Contributes greatly to reducing CO2 emissions and preserving forests by reusing sugarcane residue that is discarded when sugar is made.

Natural origin index 96.5%

Contents 250ml

Made in Japan


[Cleaning ingredients]
■ Sulfosuccinic acid
Origin: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil
Anionic surfactant with excellent biodegradability

■ Oleic acid
Origin: non-GMO palm, corn
Naturally derived nonionic surfactant with excellent biodegradability and organic certification

■ Olefinic acid
Highly biodegradable, low-irritant cleaning ingredients Anionic surfactants

[Feature ingredients]
■ Prickly pear oil
Extracted from prickly pear seeds from Morocco. It is a rare oil that can only be harvested once a year and requires 8 tons of seeds to extract 1 liter.It is recommended for aging care because it is rich in vitamin E. It has excellent moisturizing power to moisturize the skin.

■ Apple stem cells
An anti-aging ingredient extracted from a rare Swiss variety, Uttwiler Spatlauber, famous for its apples that do not rot for four months.

■ Hydrolyzed silk
Soluble silk obtained by hydrolyzing the protein fibroin that constitutes the silk fiber of silkworms. Rich in amino acids and highly absorbent and permeable to the stratum corneum, it keeps the skin moisturized for a long time. It also has a barrier function that creates a film on the skin and protects the skin from external stress.

■ Tea leaf extract
An extract extracted from the leaves of the camellia plant, tea tree. An ingredient that suppresses the loss of collagen due to aging and UV damage. The skin tightening action gives the skin firmness and elasticity.

■ Silkworm cocoon extract
Beauty ingredients extracted from silkworm cocoons that produce silk. Contains sericin, a type of protein that is said to have the most similar composition to NMF, the moisturizing factor of human skin. Sericin forms a thin film on the skin to protect it, thus increasing its moisturizing power.

■ Package material
When making sugar, we reused the waste squeezed from the sugar cane used to make recycled paper.


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