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Company Name

nanani limited liability company

Business name

Makoto Saito

Business location

Zip code: 240-0116

Address: 1705-3 Shimoyamaguchi, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture

business contact

Phone number: 046-815-6415

For inquiries, please contact us from the inquiry form or LINE chat .
After confirming the content, the person in charge will reply within 3 business days in the order in which the inquiry was received.

*To use chat, you need to register A|O's LINE account as a friend. There is a LINE account link at the bottom of the site, so please add friends from there.
*Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries outside business hours such as weekends and holidays.
* In order to keep a record, support correspondence is done by LINE chat and email. Please refrain from contacting us by phone.

Business hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00